Server Backups

September 26, 2019

The Backup service is available for all virtual servers .

How does it work

Once a day, a backup is made to a geographically distant disk array. The Retention depth option controls how long backups are stored (1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks). Copies that are older than the time period chosen are immediately removed.

How to connect the service

Backup is connected using the corresponding form and selecting the depth of backup storage when creating a new server.

You can activate the service under the server menu Backup for an already constructed server, as well as define the depth of copy storage.

Don't forget to save your changes.

How to restore a server from a backup

To restore a server from a backup, go to the Backup → Restore from a backup tab and select the server restore method: Side by side or Overhead. In the first case, a duplicate server will be created; in the second case, the selected copy will be restored on the main server.

Select the date of the backup you want to restore.

When restoring Overhead, check the additional box. Click the Restore button .

How to disable the service

To disable the service, go to the Backup → Schedule tab and click the Disabled button . Confirm your actions with the Change button .

Billing and cost

The cost of the service is calculated by the formula:
Z = G * S * (N / 7)

Here G is the cost of the service per 1 gigabyte, S is the total volume of all server disks, N is the depth of copy storage. Information about the current cost can always be found on the Billing tab of the ordered server.

Tariffing rules:

  • the service is charged every 10 minutes;
  • the debit amount does not depend on the state of the server (on or off).

VPS/VDS collections: VPS rental in Europe, VPS rental on Linux and Windows.

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