Seafile Windows Printing Utility Installation

March 31, 2020

Cloud Storage is growing more popular not only among businesses, but also among regular people. We'll show you how to synchronize data with storage using the example of the application for putting Seafile files.


The Seafile program is developed in Python, so first go to the Python website and download the latest version for Windows:

Скачивание дистрибутива

Screenshot #1. Distribution download.

Important! Administrator rights are required to install Python.

Click "OK" and wait for the process to complete. The next step is to set the system environment parameters. To do this, open the "Control Panel" and select the section marked with a red arrow in the screenshot:


Screenshot #2. Additional options.

Next, go to the "Environment Variables" item:


Screenshot #3. Choice of environment.

In the window that opens, mark the Path system environment and click the "Change" button:


Screenshot #4. Edit a system variable.

Add the path where Python was installed. By default, this is either the system drive C or the user's home folder. Click "OK" to save the changes.


Download the program from the official site :

Выбор версии

Screenshot #5. Version selection.

On the website, only the Linux version is offered. I'm downloading the most recent version. Then, on the local disk, create a Seafile folder and unzip the file into it. Now activate the run.bat file in the Seafile directory. It will provide a workspace where we can indicate the directory where the Seafile server portion should be installed.

It will take less than a minute to set up. In the system tray, an active storage symbol will display. With the right mouse button, open the context menu and choose the item highlighted in red in the screenshot:

Контекстное меню

Screenshot #7. Context menu.

The email address and password will be entered into a functioning field. To connect to the Seafile server, use these credentials.

Now let's change the parameters of the working environment. Let's go to the directory with the installed server, open the ccnet.conf file with a text editor, find the Service_url line and make the following changes:


The IP address is the address of the server where Seafile is installed. Restart the server part of the program through the context menu for the changes to take effect:


Перезагрузка сервера

Screenshot #8. Server restart.


We open the browser and type the address specified in the ccnet.conf file into the address bar. The Seafile welcome window will show on the monitor if the data is correct. Set up work with the repository by entering credentials.

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