Instructions for migrating to the NETOOZE cloud

February 3, 2021

If you need to transfer your computing resources to NETOOZE 's facilities, these are the following options for quick migration.

1.      Register a personal account on the website, and make sure that the virtual machine (VM) configuration you require is available or create an arbitrary VM configuration according to your requirements.

2.      Check with your current provider to ensure you have the ability to upload current VMs in ova/ovf format.

3.      Leave a request to transfer the VM to Netooze technical support using the by going to support:

4.      Once you are ready:

a.       upload the VM  from your current provider,

b.       wait for the upload to the site ,

c.       update  network settings,

d.       Everything should now be ready!

5.       Migration of VM to our infrastructure is FREE.

6.       To undertake a migration, the balance of your personal account must be positive.

If point 2 cannot be fulfilled for some reason, you will need to create a VM from scratch.

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