How to create a cloud server?

September 26, 2019

To create a virtual server , register in the control panel .

Or start creating a VPS server from the site page by clicking on the banner:


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In the vertical menu on the left, go to the Servers tab and click Create server .

The server creation page will open up. To get going, pick a digital server template. A theme is a kind of copy of a virtual device that includes an os with start-up settings. The most preferred server operating systems of the Linux, Windows as well as FreeBSD families are available in the Netooze service.

Next, specify the parameters of the future server:

  • Information refining facility (DPC) - the location where the devices lies, on which your online device will certainly be deployed. There are data facilities in Minsk as well as Moscow to pick from. The expense of leasing resources relies on the choice of information facility.
  • Hosting control board - available just for servers with Linux operating system, presently you can attach ISPmanager 5 Lite as well as ISPmanager 5 Organization. If you do not need an organizing control board, select the "do not connect" worth.
  • Hardware efficiency - Fundamental and high performance readily available. High-performance equipment has higher computing capabilities as well as, as necessary, the expense of resources is greater.
    Server backup - backup is done once a day to a geographically remote disk variety. The "Storage depth" specification determines for how long the backups will certainly be saved (1, 2,3 or 4 weeks).

Then select the virtual server configuration:

  • number of processor cores (CPU, pcs);
  • the amount of RAM (RAM, Gb);
  • type and size of disk subspace (Storage, GB, SSD/SAS);
  • communication channel width (guaranteed value, below which the indicator cannot fall, Mbit/s);

Or choose from three popular configurations: Low, Medium or High.

When creating a server, it will be assigned 1 IPv4 address for free. Once created, you can connect additional IPv4 and IPv6 addresses on a commercial basis.

For Linux servers, choose the connection method - via a login/password pair or via an SSH key. Login and password will be generated automatically and issued after server creation, SSH key must be generated using ssh-keygen or add an existing one.

Next, choose how many servers with the selected configuration you want to create. Specify server names or leave them as default (the name can only contain letters, numbers, hyphens and dots).

Server creation usually takes several minutes.

Data for connecting the server will become available to you immediately after its creation. How to connect to a virtual server is written in our instructions.

Netooze provides cloud server services for rent - check out our rates for VPS on Windows and Linux.

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