Solution Level Arrangement (SLA) is an arrangement laying out the detailed features of the solution, the rights and also responsibilities of the client and also the company, along with the availability degree of the target solution.

Among other things, the SLA states:

coordinated uptime (as an example, "24 × 7" indicates continuous uptime, 7 days a week);.
worked with support time (for instance, "8 × 5" indicates "10:00 -18:00, from Monday approximately Friday");.
action time.
The key point of the SLA is the actual availability, which specifies the portion of the service availability for the pay duration. It is calculated by the formula: (collaborated uptime per duration-- downtime per period)/ collaborated uptime) × 100%. As an example, the accessibility of 99.95% implies that the complete downtime needs to not exceed 22 mins monthly. The rate can be determined both for the framework or network overall, and also for individual utilities, depending upon the type of service.

The SLA also defines the level of disk subsystem performance (IOPS, latency), allocated time for technical maintenance (arranged or urgent), compensation quantities.

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