DDOS Attack

Whether you know what a DDoS attack is and want to find out how to stop one already in progress, or you want to find out precisely what it is and how it works, then you’re at the right place!

DDoS Attacks – What Are They?

DDoS is short for the distributed denial-of-service, which in layman terms means that it’s an attack aiming to prevent access to online services. This attack is executed by overwhelming a website with so much traffic that it becomes unavailable to its users. Large companies are at the highest risk for a DDoS attack; however, small companies have become a popular target over the last year.

How Common Are DDoS Attacks?

DDoS attacks are relatively common. They’re responsible for 33% of all website downtime incidents, with over 2,000 being observed globally every day. Purchasing a week’s worth of DDoS attacks can cost as little as $150 on the black market, allowing affordable access to those who want to do one.

How Are DDoS Attacks Carried Out?

Before attackers launch their attack, they send botnets out to form a shadow army on the target device. These botnets are sent to the target device through social media, emails, and websites. Attackers need to build botnet networks infecting the target device with software that allows them to remotely control the device without the owners’ knowledge.

Once an attacker launches the attack, the botnets generate a massive traffic load to saturate their target. Overwhelming a target uses more of their bandwidth, leading to multiple errors or unavailability. Large DDoS attacks are powerful enough to shut down a country’s global cable magnitude!


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