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Netooze is one of the most popular and highest-rated Vmware Server hosting providers in the world. An enterprise-class virtualization solution for Windows and Linux servers.

Increases Productivity & Lowers Expenses

Business organizations can more easily construct and manage this type of virtual environment by utilizing VMware virtualization technologies. Thus, VMware server virtualization can help firms make the most of server resources and use the least amount of hardware possible for critical tasks. By consolidating the server, this usually increases productivity while lowering expenses.

Increase Productivity & Agility

By eliminating the need for extra physical servers, server virtualization offers businesses and IT professionals an efficient approach to increase productivity and agility inside an organization. In many situations, this also lowers IT hardware costs. Server virtualization can be used by businesses to hide resources from users of the server. The identity and number of CPUs, VM operating systems, and specific physical servers are a few examples of these concealed resources.

VMware Server Hosting

Build your cloud infrastructure on VMware ESXi-based software.

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    We have introduced a whole new range of VMware servers for Linux and Windows. You are not tied to rates and can deploy any VPS server configuration.
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    The minimum configuration of the Linux server with 1 core, 512 RAM, and 10 GB SSD and placement in the largest data center in the Netherlands, the USA or Russia for $8 USD.
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    It is one of the best among the cloud infrastructure rental market offers

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Data centers

Our equipment is located in data centers in the US and the EU.

Almaty (Kazteleport)

Our site in Kazakhstan is deployed on the basis of the data center of the Kazteleport company in the city of Almaty. This data center meets all modern requirements for fault tolerance and information security.

Features: Redundancy is made according to the N + 1 scheme, Two independent telecom operators, Network bandwidth up to 10 Gbps. More

Moscow (DataSpace)

DataSpace is the first Russian data center to be certified Tier lll Gold by the Uptime Institute. The data center has been providing its services for more than 6 years.

Features:  N+1 independent electrical circuit, 6 independent 2 MVA transformers, walls, floors, and ceilings have a 2-hour fire-resistance rating. More

Amsterdam (AM2)

AM2 is one of the best European data centers. It is owned by Equinix, Inc., a corporation that has been specializing in the design and operation of data centers in 24 countries for almost a quarter of a century.

It has certificates of a high level of reliability, including a PCI DSS payment card data security certificate.

Features: N+1 power supply reservation, N+2 computer room air conditioning reservation, N+1 cooling unit reservation. It has certificates of a high level of reliability, including a PCI DSS payment card data security certificate. More

New Jersey (NNJ3)

NNJ3 is the next-generation data center. Equipped with an innovative cooling system and carefully protected from natural disasters through thoughtful design and convenient city location (~287 feet above sea level).

It is part of the Cologix corporation, which owns more than 20 modern data centers located in North America.

Features: four fully independent (N + 1) redundant power systems, connection to the local electrical substation JCP & L, and the presence of a pre-fire extinguishing system with double blocking. More


No single point of failure

VMware ESXi

We use the VMware ESXi hypervisor, as well as VMware DRS and High Availability technologies. In case of a hardware failure, they automatically restore operation and allocate guaranteed server resources.

SLA 99.9%

We guarantee uninterrupted infrastructure work and 99.9% availability according to the Service Level Agreement (SLA). We also provide financial compensation in case of its violation.

Cisco & NetApp

Servers: vCPU Intel Xeon Gold 6254, 3 GHz RAM ECC DDR4, 2.6 MHz Up to 64 cores vCPU and 320 GB RAM. Network: Redundant equipment Network standard: 40 Gbps Duplicated communication channels. Storage: NetApp AFF disk arrays Triple data replication Data availability 99.9%

Worldwide coverage

Run your VM globally. We have low latency and high availability networks.

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