Direct Connection

Leave a request for the direct connection of your corporate network to our cloud.

Top bandwidth

Direct Connect provides the maximum speed. Nothing could be faster.

Lowest latency

Forget about network congestion. Get used to low latency and stability.

Most secure

Defend against the dangers of the public network. Use a network you trust.

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Data centers

Allow Netooze Kubernetes to store critical services that enable your apps to run. Authentication and logs will always be portable and available. Our equipment is located in data centers in the US and the EU.

Almaty (Kazteleport)

Our site in Kazakhstan is deployed on the basis of the data center of the Kazteleport company in the city of Almaty. This data center meets all modern requirements for fault tolerance and information security.

Features: Redundancy is made according to the N + 1 scheme, Two independent telecom operators, Network bandwidth up to 10 Gbps. More

Moscow (DataSpace)

DataSpace is the first Russian data center to be certified Tier lll Gold by the Uptime Institute. The data center has been providing its services for more than 6 years.

Features:  N+1 independent electrical circuit, 6 independent 2 MVA transformers, walls, floors, and ceilings have a 2-hour fire-resistance rating. More

Amsterdam (AM2)

AM2 is one of the best European data centers. It is owned by Equinix, Inc., a corporation that has been specializing in the design and operation of data centers in 24 countries for almost a quarter of a century.

It has certificates of a high level of reliability, including a PCI DSS payment card data security certificate.

Features: N+1 power supply reservation, N+2 computer room air conditioning reservation, N+1 cooling unit reservation. It has certificates of a high level of reliability, including a PCI DSS payment card data security certificate. More

New Jersey (NNJ3)

NNJ3 is the next-generation data center. Equipped with an innovative cooling system and carefully protected from natural disasters through thoughtful design and convenient city location (~287 feet above sea level).

It is part of the Cologix corporation, which owns more than 20 modern data centers located in North America.

Features: four fully independent (N + 1) redundant power systems, connection to the local electrical substation JCP & L, and the presence of a pre-fire extinguishing system with double blocking. More

Complete Automated & simplified cloud processing

Why should I use Netooze Cloud Direct Connection?

Your personal network can easily be connected to the Netooze cloud via Direct Connect. Less latency, higher bandwidth, and a more reliable and secure connection are all possible with this technique.

Can I use the direct connection to deploy disaster recovery?

Yes. The private data center integrates with your own Direct connect through a physical leased line for application situations that require backup configuration, while data backups require dual-line or VPN access. The data center network segment and private network overlapping does not interfere with two-way communication.

What is an example of a hybrid cloud deployment?

You can establish communication between your VPC and your direct connection through Connection for application scenarios when a backup is necessary, and you can then backup the data using dual line access or VPN access. Communications are unaffected by the VPC and Direct Connect's IP address range overlap.

What is a dedicated line?

To connect to the Netooze cloud, all you need is a single physical carrier dedicated line. Based on your swift and dependable network, you may easily build cloud servers.

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