COD Moscow

DataSpace is the first Russian data center to be certified Tier lll Gold by the Uptime Institute. The data center has been providing its services for more than 6 years.

Address: Moscow, st. Sharikopodshipnikovskaya, house 11, building 9.

Datacenter characteristics

  • 624 server racks (4 modules x 156 racks) Tier III Gold reliability level
  • Total area 6565 m2
  • 1152 racks
  • Energy Efficiency Ratio - 1.5
  • 99.98% availability according to SLA
  • Power for IT equipment - 4.32 MW
  • BMS control system

Energy supply

  • One-time data center power supply capacity - 9.5 MW;
  • 6 independent transformers of 2 MVA each;
  • Independent electrical circuit N+1;
  • For each circuit, a separate DGU is provided according to the N + 1 scheme.

Ventilation and cooling system

  • It consists of two circuits: internal water and external ethylene glycol mixture;
  • Chillers and dry coolers are N+1 reserved;
  • Any of the elements of the system can be disconnected and isolated without reducing the required cooling capacity.

Fire extinguishing system

  • The data center uses a highly sensitive VESDA smoke detection system;
  • Premises with personnel are equipped with a water fire extinguishing system;
  • Walls, floors and ceilings have a 2-hour fire rating;
  • Machine rooms and rooms with critical elements are equipped with the most advanced fire extinguishing system NOVEC 1230, which is safe for humans and electronics.


  • Security alarm system with infrared sensors;
  • Undermining protection;
  • Full-height turnstiles;
  • Security posts with checkpoints.


  • Tier III Design Documentation
  • Tier III Constructed Facility
  • Tier III Operational Sustainability - Gold


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