Service Level Agreement (SLA)

This agreement is an annex to the user agreement and defines the quantitative and qualitative targets for the services of the NETOOZE service, as well as financial guarantees for their compliance.

Network availability

Downtime - The period when the leased virtual machines are not available to the client over the network.

Downtime - the total duration of downtime for the period (1 month), excluding downtime caused by:

  • carrying out work during scheduled maintenance windows;
  • inoperability of communication channels and equipment outside the area of ​​responsibility/control of NETOOZE - Cloud Technologies LLP;
  • applications or components of the Client not controlled or managed by NETOOZE - Cloud Technologies LLP, which led to the inability to provide the Service;
  • negative activity of the Client, its employees, partners, customers, etc., which led to a negative impact on the components of the Service (spam, spoofing, violation of the rules for using the Service, etc.);
  • other events beyond our control, classified as force majeure.

Agreed Uptime (CHR) is the time when the service should function normally. In NETOOZE SVR = 24x7.

Availability % is the ratio of the time the service was available to the CVR.

% Availability = 100%*(SVR-Downtime)/SVR
For example, if November's downtime was 1 hour, then
% Availability = 100%*(60*24*30 – 1*60)/ 60*24*30 = 99.86(1)
Parameter Target value
% availability of rented VM 99,9%

Storage performance

IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) - the number of I / O operations performed by the storage system (SHD) in one second.

Latency - delay - the maximum response time of the disk subsystem when performing I / O operations.

Parameter Guaranteed Values
Guaranteed IOPS for storage 30 IOPS per 1 GB SSD
0.1 IOPS per 1 GB SATA
for 32 kilobyte read-write blocks.
Latency 40 ms
Note: in case of exceeding the guaranteed number of IOPS, a deviation from the target value of the Latency parameter is allowed. This situation is not a violation of the SLA.

Technical support

User request - a NETOOZE client contacting the technical support service of the service through the system of registration and processing of requests built into the user's personal account.

A typical request is a user request, the solution to which is formalized in the service instructions for employees of the 1st line of support (ServiceDesk) of the NETOOZE service, does not require the involvement of employees of the 2nd and 3rd lines of support and is not associated with unavailability or significant degradation of the quality of the service.

Atypical request is a user request, the solution for which is not formalized in the ServiceDesk service instructions or requires the involvement of employees of the 2nd or 3rd support lines, but is not associated with unavailability or significant degradation of the quality of the service.

An incident is a user request related to the unavailability or significant degradation of the quality of the service provided. This type of requests has the highest priority for processing.

Response time to a call - the allowable delay between the registration of a call and the start of its processing (determining the type of call, starting work / transfer, calls to the 2nd or 3rd support level).

Modes for processing user requests

Type of custom treatment Processing mode
Incident 24x7
Sample appeal 24x7
Atypical treatment 8x5 (Mon-Fri from 10.00 to 18.00 UTC/GMT +3 hours)

Response time to user request

Type of custom treatment Processing mode
Incident 20 minutes
Sample appeal 30 minutes
Atypical treatment 1 hour

Routine work

Maintenance windows

Type of work The windows of those service
Planned First and third Friday of every month from 06:00 to 08:00 (UTC/GMT +3 hours)
Urgent As needed, with at least 2 hours notice

Financial guarantees

In case of violation of the SLA in terms of % availability of rented virtual machines, the client is entitled to compensation according to the following table:

VM Availability % (D) Amount of compensation
(% of the monthly cost of renting a virtual machine)
D > 99.9 0%, SLA target
99,9 > 99,72 5%
99,72 > 99,45 10%
99,45 > 98,90 15%
98,90 > 96,71 20%
96,71 > 76,98 50%
76,98 >  100%


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