Methods of Payment for Services

መስከረም 26, 2019

We deal with both people and businesses.

Individuals can use the following payment systems: VISA, MasterCard, Belkart, and ERIP.

Legal entities can use bank transfers. You may create an account straight from the control panel; see our guidelines for more information.


When using ERIP, you must enter the payer number from the control panel.

የክፍያ አማራጮች

ክሬዲት ካርድ

You will be connected to a unique secure payment page of the bePaid processing system after clicking the "Deposit" button.

Please keep in mind that after the money is received, an email confirmation will be sent to the email address you provided. Please keep your financial information safe.

Payments by bank card are made through the bePaid electronic payment system. The bePaid system's payment page satisfies all data transfer security criteria (PCI DSS Level 1). All private information is encrypted and highly resistant to hacking.

Invoice payment as a legal entity

To pay an invoice as a legal entity, you must enter the legal entity's information into the control panel. Following that, you may create an invoice for any amount you want and pay it. You may download closing documentation from the control panel.

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የደመና ጉዞዎን ይጀምሩ? አሁኑኑ የመጀመሪያውን እርምጃ ይውሰዱ።