Netooze offers cost-effective object storage to all its customers

June 12, 2018

LONDON, June 11th, 2022 – Many small companies and businesses are growing online these days, and with such technological growth expanding at alarming rates. Businesses and companies are grasping to find a trustworthy, cost-effective, and easily accessible object storage service for their data. ’s has become a primary competitor in this market and its object storage system seems to offer just what businesses are looking for when it comes to an online database for storing data.

Object storage has become a very popular form of online storage recently with many businesses as object storage offers more variety in the types of files you can store in their database in comparison to a traditional file storage system. Object storage offers a wider range of files, documents, and data types to be processed, stored, and accessed in its servers than you can find in traditional storage options. The object storage that Netooze offers is also an ideal tool for businesses as it allows the consumers to increase and decrease the capacity of their storage based on what they need at a certain time.

Netooze’s options for object storage start at the low price of $18 a month and offer  500GB of and outgoing traffic, with their customizable options to fit the consumer and their needs. Their tariffs slowly increase as the users can customize how much data storage they need to an infinite level. However, the outgoing traffic gigabytes are capped at 1PB. For businesses looking for a larger more substantial size of object storage, Netooze could offer these businesses 100TB of data storage and 1PB of outgoing traffic for a cost of around $12,500 a month.

Despite not being cheap prices to pay for object storage, these prices are very low in comparison to Netooze’s leading competitors on the market and their customizable storage size brings an even bigger payoff to their object storage service. If you are interested in Netooze’s object storage or any of their other services, you can find their contact details below.

About Netooze

Netooze is a service provider of virtual infrastructure rental services, SSL certificates, and free . Construct your cloud architecture with ESXi software which uses VMware's ESXi hypervisor, as well as DRS and high-availability capabilities. (

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