Add Additional RDP licenses on Netooze cloud servers

April 14, 2022

NETOOZE recently added the ability to activate additional RDP licenses on cloud servers running Windows. For each server, you can activate up to 255 additional licenses. Activation is carried out by NETOOZE technical support upon request from the control panel.

To send a request in the "Servers" section, click on the name of the server, go to the "Settings" - "Licenses" tab and then click on the "Add license" button:

Next, you need to select the type of license "Terminal Service" and the required number of licenses, select the desired date and time of their activation, specify the login and password from the server and click on the "Order" button.

At the time of activation of licenses, the user's personal account must have enough money for at least a week of virtual server operation, taking into account the cost of additional licenses.

The minimum number of licenses to order is 3 pcs.

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