NETOOZE: vStack and VMware Cloud Service
The Netooze vStack and VMware Cloud Service is aimed at startups, developers, IT teams, DevOps, and also large enterprises that are looking to move their VMware workloads to the public cloud and reduce their on-premise datacentre footprint Netooze vStack Cloud and VMware service lets you configure and deploy virtual servers, configure network circuits, order SSL […]
Partnership of Netooze and ITGLOBAL.COM
ITGLOBAL.COM just announced a new partnership with The alliance of two companies enables them to share marketplace ideas, technical expertise, resources, and knowledge. “I am excited about the strategic partnership which will help Netooze to scale more quickly, continue to build innovative solutions for our customers, enter new markets, and pool valuable expertise and […]
Add Additional RDP licenses on Netooze cloud servers
NETOOZE has added the ability to activate additional RDP licenses on cloud servers running Windows.
Netooze Launches Oracle Linux 8.3 OS Template
Netooze introduced the ability to create a server using the Oracle Linux 8.3 template. Regardless of the operating system kernel version, Oracle Linux maintains compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Oracle Linux 8.3 includes UEK R6 along with the Red Hat Compatible (RHCK) kernel in the installation image. UEK R6 is included and installed by default […]
Launch of the Kubernetes cluster at site in the city of Almaty
Cloud provider Netooze announces the launch of a K8s cluster in a data center in Almaty. Our users will soon have the opportunity to deploy Kubernetes clusters locally as a service quickly and reliably. For consultations and requests for rental prices, write to launches VMware hosting service
Dear users! We are pleased to inform you that in September 2021 we launched the VMware hosting service based in a data center in Almaty, which allows you to deploy an isolated virtual data center inside the public cloud based on an industrial hypervisor from VMware. This service provides extensive customization options, integration with […]
Data center in USA, New Jersey
The list of data centers available to users of cloud servers has been replenished with a new platform - meet the autonomous data center of the new generation NNJ3.
NETOOZE office in Kazakhstan
Friends, we have opened the official representative office of NETOOZE in the Republic of Kazakhstan!
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