August 23, 2022

As Netooze observes and continues to thrive in the cloud computing space, the evolution, more specifically the next step in cloud computing, is becoming clearer by the day. With a new layer of application development, operations and observability, among other elements, “Multicloud” has emerged, and is rapidly picking up pace. While some refer to it as “Supercloud”, “Distributed cloud”, “Metacloud” or “Cloud native”, one thing is clear – it will be the focal point of cloud computing for the next decade.

At its core, the Multicloud concept will see a greater optimization and usage of public clouds, made significantly more manageable through innovative approaches in abstraction and automation, all while making full use of individual cloud providers based on the extent of their capabilities.

With demands increasing for access, the above-mentioned new frontier of cloud computing will ensure that specific storage, computational, data and artificial intelligence needs, among others, are met through the use of abstract interfaces that optimize our usage of available cloud technologies. In other words, the “Supercloud”, or whichever of the names you want to call it right now, intuitively simplifies the process.

While it’s all still progressing at an impressive pace, the goal of the “Metacloud” is ultimately to have a single layer of security, operations, application development and deployment, and governance. It should eliminate the need for our over-dependence on singular proprietary tools for various functions – a reality which is currently compromising productivity on that front. That’s why having this cross-cloud technology is so important. That’s why the Metacloud (pick any of the names) is incredibly important to the future and evolution of cloud computing.

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