Review of GPU-based Public Cloud Services

June 29, 2022
Review of GPU-based Public Cloud Services

Cloud users just pay for the amount of time they utilize computer resources. Given the high cost of GPUs, on-demand and pay-as-you-go are essential.

Consider employing GPU for an artificial intelligence experiment, prototype, or business: Only the GPU resources that are utilized are charged. With minimal upfront expenses, available technology decreases time-to-market.

This article describes constructing data-intensive, AI-based apps in our Public Cloud utilizing GPU-powered services.


GPUs are capable of handling computer graphics and image processing. Because GPUs have several cores and tremendous throughput, they can execute hundreds of jobs at the same time. These qualities are used in gaming, HPC, and AI.

Data scientists benefit from GPUs' capacity to do several calculations simultaneously. Deep Learning model training with big data sets may take hours on a GPU but weeks on a CPU.


To begin, take advantage of our Public Cloud GPU instances. You get a virtual machine with its CPU and RAM. The instance receives one to four Nvidia Tesla GPUs through PCI Passthrough. AI-application workloads may use the GPU directly, increasing performance.

T2 GPU instances may be provisioned via a control panel or APIs. T2 instances employ the Nvidia Tesla v100s GPU card, which has 32GB of RAM (compared to 16GB in T1) and additional CPU cores.

T2 examples based on SMART:

  • Simple pricing
  • Multi-local: Gravelines, Beauharnois, and Limburg have them in their data centers.
  • Accessible: Consider checking the price of p3.2xlarge to get an idea of what we're talking about.
  • Reversible: Remove your instance once you've retrieved your data.
  • Transparent: There is no way to go in or out; thus, it's very predictable.

Some Advice

  1. Using the Nvidia GPU Cloud (NGC) catalog, install GPU-accelerated containers on T2 instances.
  2. Pay-per-use. Kill your T2 instance if you're paid by the hour.
  3. T2 instances are an inexpensive GPU server option.

How about utilizing GPU power without Linux upgrades, automation, an AI framework, and notebooks?

Thanks for asking!

GPU AI Model Training

Installing any distribution, AI framework or tools on our GPU instances requires system administration and operations knowledge.

We provide AI Training to let you construct AI applications with a few mouse clicks on the command line. AI Training manages GPU resources (T2) for model training, saving data scientists time and money on infrastructure and maintenance.

How to Launch an AI Training Job:

  1. Choose a data center. Gravelines and Beauharnois are available as of this writing.
  2. Enter the model's Docker image. Images might be public or private.
  3. Add job-training data. Create an Object Storage container to add a job data set.
  4. Run the Docker command.
  5. Configure job (you can add up to 4 GPU for your job, but you can also use CPU). Billing is per minute, not per hour.
  6. Launch the task through the control panel or command.

AI Notebooks: Code live on top of GPU(s)

AI Notebooks is our most recent Public Cloud AI offering. In 15 minutes, data scientists and developers may install a ready-to-use laptop with GPU and CPU. TensorFlow, PyTorch, Scikit-learn, MXNet, and Hugging Face are all supported by AI Notebooks.

AI Notebooks boost data scientists' efficiency by using well-known technology. AI Notebooks, like Public Cloud, is a pay-as-you-go service. Your remuneration is determined by the utilization of your AI Notebook GPU.


This assessment outlines our GPU-powered Public Cloud services. GPU instances, AI Training, and AI Notebooks all run on T2 instances with Nvidia Tesla v100s, but their use cases, target customers, and GPU use vary. The summary for this post is provided below.

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