Oracle Cloud & Netooze: an alternative to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

June 7, 2022
Oracle Cloud & Netooze: an alternative to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

There are many providers available in the market that readily provide IaaS.  Take a look here at this comparison if you’ve been unable to find an alternative to Oracle Infrastructure. Among the many providers available, there is an international cloud provider that is amazing and worth taking a look at called Netooze.

Oracle Cloud

The Oracle Cloud is a that offers IT solutions through interconnected services, and is one the cloud computing leaders in the market.  These interconnected services are: platform as a service (PaaS), data as a service (DaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and software as a service ().

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, also known as OCI, allows the running and creating of applications and services in an Oracle-hosted environment.  Navigating through this platform, however, might take some getting used to as it can be difficult for new users.


Netooze offers the automatic deployment of Linux or Windows-based servers in less than a minute's time.  Netooze took first place in GeekBench virtual machine performance ranking according to the results from their testing.  Ready-to-go servers can be created in 40 seconds all due to the implementation of .

You are able to create cloud servers using VMware virtualization platform or vStack.  vStack is an innovative that is based on FreeBSD OS and the lightweight .  VMware is a cloud infrastructure virtualization platform that is based on VMware ESXi software.  Open-source technologies are what make creating vStack-based servers faster and less cost effective.  Netooze provides SLA with a 99.9% uptime and infrastructure availability for cloud services.

You are able to deploy infrastructure in Netooze’s cloud using an intuitive control panel.  You can configure your servers using the calculator or one of the fixed rates that are available in the vStack service.  With Netooze, you are able to configure data center location, amount of and SSD storage, bandwidth, number of CPU cores and operating system.

There are services for , Nat and , DNS hosting, edge gateways, private networks and direct connection.  Netooze also open API and CLI tools for integrating client services.  The managed Kubernetes service allows users to be able to create and configure clusters for anything ranging from enterprise software development to local testing.  Netooze has a support team available 24/7 by phone or the control panel in case there are any questions about its service.

Netooze has a pay-as-you-go arrangement that is set up by a ten-minute billing period.  Oracle Cloud has something similar as well when it comes to payment, but theirs is billed hourly.  Our billing period allows you to be able to pay for the actual existence of the servers and lets you to be able to test servers at a small cost to you.

Netooze is a great alternative to Oracle Cloud and is suitable for startups, and SMBs.  Managed Database service is not offered at Netooze, but it does provide you with everything you need to be able to deploy your cloud infrastructure.  And just like any other software, you are able to deploy a database by yourself and configure it to your requirements.

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