Netooze Merch - Fashion Computing Merchandise for Sale

September 11, 2022
Netooze Merch -  Fashion Computing Merchandise for Sale

Fashion in 2022 isn’t about being on trend so much as it is about having a deeply original sense of personal style. Netooze is proud to announce the launch of our very own clothing line at We are compiling t-shirts and accessories inspired by computing from design and technology to artificial intelligence, maths and communications technology (IT or ICT).

20 years out of Central Saint Martins, London-based project manager, designer & developer Dean Jones has a devoted following for his reclaimed patchwork and slogan T-shirts and dresses and eco-responsibility is factored in. Dean frequently draws inspiration from founders of the computing profession, both male and female archetypes in his early netoozable collection, which ranges from Ada Lovelace a female tech pioneer to Tim Berners-Lee creator of the World Wide Web (WWW).

FASHION COMPUTING has become an essential component of this fashion designer's portfolio of skills. The unique designs together with some slogan tees will make great gifts for tech enthusiasts, designers, developers, software engineers, programmers, architects, big data engineers applications architects, web developers, database administrators, computer hardware engineers, computer software engineers, data security analysts, Information systems security managers, techies' and everyone in between whoever you are—and whoever you imagine yourself to be come this fall.


  • Ada Lovelace T-shirt dress

  • Retro Vintage Look Web Developer – CSS, JavaScript, and HTML bandana

  • Retro Vintage Web Developer – CSS, JavaScript, and HTML T-shirt dress

Dean Jones is the managing director of Netooze and has a Masters Degree in Communication Design and a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design and Web from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design - BA(Hons) MA. He is an international graphic designer, developer, project director and visiting lecturer to universities.

Netooze® is a cloud platform, offering services from data centers globally. When developers can use the straightforward, economical cloud that they love, businesses expand more quickly. With predictable pricing, thorough documentation, and scalability to support business growth at any stage, Netooze® has the cloud computing services you need. Startups, enterprises, and government agencies can use Netooze® to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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