How To Use Terraform with Netooze

August 21, 2022
How To Use Terraform with Netooze

Terraform is a tool for planning, creating, and maintaining infrastructure. As well as a wide range of services provided by other providers, you can use it to manage Netooze VPS Servers, S3 Storage, and, even DNS records. Terraform may be operated from your desktop or a remote server and has a command-line interface.

When using Terraform, configuration files that list the elements of your application environment or datacenter are read from those files. It develops an execution plan based on the configuration that details the steps it will take to achieve the target state. After that, Terraform is used to carry out this plan and construct the infrastructure. Terraform can develop and carry out incremental plans to upgrade the current infrastructure to the newly defined state when configuration changes take place.

Execute a couple of simple commands on the Netooze Terraform Provider page and generate an API Token to enable Terraform functionalities in the Netooze services.

Terraform installation

  1. Download an archive file from the Terraform website.
  2. Unpack the archive with the binary file to a separate folder which will store configurations.
  3. Enter the fine in PATH.
  4. Set up the completion in shell.

Connecting Netooze provider

  1. Create a text file containing the provider description.
  2. Copy the code from Terraform Registry and paste it into the file.
  3. Execute the “terraform init” command.

Creating cloud infrastructure

  1. Create and open the file.
  2. Insert the information about the public part of the ssh key into the file and save the changes.
  3. Create and open the file.
  4. Insert the description of your infrastructure into the file
  5. Run the command "terraform apply".


To complete this tutorial, you’ll need:

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