A new range of cloud computing servers

August 3, 2022
A new range of cloud computing servers

Why vStack?

VMware requires significant resources for infrastructure maintenance. vStack virtualization platform was ideal because it saved on the software and hardware and simplifed infrastructure management through a hyper-converged approach and faster online scaling and recovery.

How vStack works?

vStack is a hyper-converged virtualization platform. A single unified infrastructure of software-defined modules of data center based on open source technologies. Its architecture includes

vStack OS and a thin hypervisor;
vStack Storage;
vStack Network;
vStack Management.

vStack provides a fully managed enterprise level virtual data center based on standard server hardware which is a more affordable, but no less powerful than other virtualization platforms.

vStack Results?

Netooze is the General Ambassador of vStack, the world’s first hyper-converged platform that brings a new level of cloud infrastructure management.

Virtual servers based on the vStack Cloud Servers is Netooze's key and most popular products. The customers monthly price of the minimum configuration of a Linux server based on vStack (1 CPU, 1 RAM, and 25 GB SSD) deployed in a Equinix data center in Amsterdam is 4.95 usd.

Today it is one of the best deals on the cloud infrastructure rental market globally.

The platform’s capabilities have expanded significantly since its introduction. There is support for unlimited network heterogeneity, an autonomous mechanism for supporting a high degree of economic efficiency in relation to vCPU resources, and much more.

Summary of what has been achieved by Netooze with vStack?

Time to create a ready-to-run VM is no more than 40 seconds (including VMs with Windows Server OS).
Oversubscription rate (CPU = 8, Storage = 7) without any impact on customers.
The cost of a vStack based virtual machine is half the cost of a similar volume of resources based on VMware.

Netooze® is a cloud platform, offering services from data centers globally. When developers can use the straightforward, economical cloud that they love, businesses expand more quickly. With predictable pricing, thorough documentation, and scalability to support business growth at any stage, Netooze® has the cloud computing services you need. Startups, enterprises, and government agencies can use Netooze® to lower costs, become more agile, and innovate faster.

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