How to Start a Business: The Checklist
Before you get your business up and running, you will need to go through the items below. It is important you do some research, draft your plan, and get all the permits you need. Without a list, you might overlook some of the essential details.  You should: Get organized Prepare your finances Make your brand […]
The Basics Of Website Security
Developing a website for any small or big business requires time, effort, and money. Not only a website earns the living of the website owner but it also holds sentimental value. So, it only makes sense to protect the website as much as possible. However, the subject of website security may seem complicated and intimidating. […]
Domain Terms: A Glossary
Despite what you might think, there’s more to domain names than just picking the first one that comes to mind. Having the right domain name will help your online business stand out and raise awareness of your brand.  If you want to become more knowledgeable about domain names, it’ll be wise to read through our […]
Complete Glossary of Web Hosting Terms
Web hosting is quite simple and straightforward. You just need to contact a web hosting company and get an appropriate plan for your website depending on what you need. Even if you are not sure, someone at the hosting company will be able to suggest an appropriate plan for you.  However, if you don’t have […]
5 Significant Cloud Migration Steps
Now we are seeing business interest in cloud computing as an alternative opportunity to gain a technological advantage, reduce the time to set up an enterprise digital platform, and reduce the cost of IT ownership in general. Pandemic experience has shown that companies that used the cloud approach, whether public or private consumption schemes, were […]
What exactly is cloud computing? Future technologies and trends
We speak about the benefits, economics and also leads of cloud computing Over the past 10 years, cloud computing has actually dramatically transformed company processes in business. One of the most apparent instance is record and file cooperation that has actually moved totally online. The cloud has actually increased electronic improvement as firms proactively make […]
How to place 1C in the cloud
Облачные сервисы для 1С выглядят так: перенос сервера 1С из локальной сети организации в облако провайдера. Пользователи продолжают использовать привычные программы, запуская тонкий или тонкий клиенты 1С или работая через веб-браузер. Для работы им не нужно находиться в локальной сети предприятия (напрямую или через VPN).
What is the virtual infrastructure?
Чтобы лучше ориентироваться в терминологии, начнем с определения. Итак, виртуальная инфраструктура (Virtual Infrastructure) – это альтернатива привычной ИТ-инфраструктуре, в основе которой вместо необходимости использовать настоящее «железо» лежат виртуальные ресурсы. Благодаря этому можно собрать желаемую конфигурацию виртуальных машин, учитывая любые потребности бизнеса.
What Is a Virtual Machine and How Does It Work
Закончились времена, когда компании повсеместно строили серверные комнаты с собственным оборудованием. С появлением виртуальных машин освободились миллионы квадратных метров пространства, а сотни тысяч устаревших серверов превратились в груду ненужного металла. И началась вторая жизнь без головной боли, без провальных бюджетов, без сонных ночей админов, то и дело меняющих вышедшее из строя оборудование.
Ideal hosting for a modern website
They say that nothing is perfect in the world. It is difficult to agree with this, because in the matter of choosing a solution for web hosting, you can definitely find the best option. You just need to get everything right. To begin with, you should compare the available hosting options that market players offer today.
What is a VPS/VDS?

When searching for a cloud service provider, we often come across abbreviations. Some are clear to us, others are not very clear, others cause doubts, and sometimes real confusion. IaaS, SaaS, PaaS, VPS/VDS – far from a complete list of abbreviations, which can confuse an inexperienced user. Therefore, before choosing a service, you need to understand it.

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